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4th October 2014

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This half-term year, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! London is celebrating Halloween in a bigger and better way than ever before.

Guests can join us at the attraction for various events including an encounter with a very lovable (and very scatty!) warehouse porter and knowledgeable storytellers who roam the dungeons informing visitors of the various spooky going ons from both the past and present. If just passing by, visitors can even pop in and meet London’s tallest man who stands at a massive 7ft, 7 inches.

Meet Reggie, our loyal and charismatic warehouse porter

Lovable Reggie is Ripley’s loyal warehouse organiser, he’s been at the attraction longer than some of the ancient artefacts, truth be told he’d probably qualify as an ancient artefact himself but he’s a top notch guy and loved by all! Guests can meet Reggie up on the fifth floor – he’ll be the one humming to himself in his flat cap putting stickers on anything that doesn’t move fast enough, including you! Guests should be careful to dodge out of his way, otherwise no doubt they’ll be listed as one of Ripley’s many artefacts.

Listen to Tom and Jennifer Burbridge as they reveal the spooky happenings at Ripley’s London

For our brave guests that dare wander in to the haunted dungeon at Ripley’s London on the day ghosts and spirits are rumoured to surface from the dead – there will be a pair of wise, young storytellers whose speciality is in the history of medieval torture devices. Tom and Jennifer find great excitement in discussing the subject with guests who choose to enquire about them. The knowledgeable pair will inform visitors of the spooky happenings within the dungeon from both the past and the present. Never fear though as you will be in the presence of expert staff who will warn off any evil spirits.

Reggie, Tom and Jennifer Burbridge will be sharing their stories during the week of October half-term.