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How The Beatles Influenced Fashion Forever

22nd March 2016


The Mop Top. Collarless suits. Cuban-heeled boots. All signature fashion items of the ’60s spurned by four famous Liverpudlian boys.

When The Beatles rose to fame, they influenced more than just Rock ‘N Roll. They brought style to the stage, invading the world of fashion with a rebellious wardrobe.

In the early Beatle-mania years, the band was recognized by their greaser hair and black leather jackets. Soon, Manager Brian Epstein cleaned up the slick look, introducing gray collarless suits with black piping (designed by tailor Douglas Millings), Cuban-heeled boots and a shaggy haircut.

It was a twist on the mod-look of the ‘50s, an iconic look that became universally associated with The Beatles for years to come. The Beatles haircut (called the mop top because of its resemblance to a wet mop), spread quickly across America and the rest of the world in 1964. The long dishevelled look soon became the bane of teenage parents around the nation.

As The Beatles evolved, so did their image. During their “Sergeant Pepper” psychedelic years, The Beatles opted for more hippie and Indian style clothing with floral shirts, bright outfits and paisley patterns.

The Beatles parted ways in 1970s, but their style, and their tunes, live on and are celebrated to this day.

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