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Madonna’s Legendary Cone Brasier: How It Impacted Fashion Through the Generations

23rd February 2016

Pop culture icon Madonna has set fashion trends for decades. After bursting onto the pop scene in the eighties, she established herself with a daring counterculture look – a mix of religious iconography and ‘80s punk.

Since then, Madonna’s style has challenged cultural norms and generated conversation around religion, sex and politics. Her racy costumes have varied from punk to hip-hop, geisha, S&M, and gothic.

One of Madonna’s most memorable outfits, a pink bustier, is on display at the Ripley’s London Hard Rock Couture exhibit. The iconic cone bra corset was created by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier and worn on the first stop of her Blond Ambition tour in Japan on April 12, 1990. Gaultier’s bra was a mix of the popular bullet bra of the 1950s and the 80’s lingerie style.


Madonna's Gaultier's brasier on display at Ripley's London

Madonna’s Gaultier’s brasier on display at Ripley’s London


It is a look that now spans decades. The pointy bra has been revived time and time again by celebrities and trendsetters. It has been referenced countless times in pop-culture and shown up in the runway and high street fashion. Twenty-six years after Madonna unveiled her provocative Gaultier lingerie, the pointy bra is as iconic as ever. Here’s a peek into various cone bra moments Madonna has inspired.