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Trees Gone Wild – The World’s Weirdest Christmas Trees

30th November 2015

‘Tis the season to decorate your Christmas tree! Before grabbing those dusty baubles and tangled Christmas lights from the attic, have a look at these unique trees. A new festive decor may be in store this winter!


The Santa-Inspired Tree

Who needs Santa when you’ve got this Claus-some Christmas tree?!

Santa Christmas Tree


The Pillow Tree

Give Santa a place to rest this Christmas…

Pillow Tree


The Wine Tree

It’s the perfect place to store leftover corks from wild Christmas parties!

Wine Christmas Tree


The Wise Tree

Empty those bookshelves and you’ve got yourself the smartest Christmas tree in town.

Smart Tree


The Eco-Friendly Tree

It’s a green Christmas when you’ve got recycled plastic bottles as your centrepiece…

Recyled Tree


The Oversized Tree

No more competing with the neighbours. This year’s tree can be seen from down the road!

Oversized Christmas Tree


Lego Tree

The kids will build this year’s tree with their stashed lego blocks…

Lego Tree


The Swirly Tree

For those sick of the standard, the groomed tree is a stylish living room look.

Spiral Christmas Tree


The CD Tree

This year’s Christmas tree will be where old CDs go to rest…

CD tree


Jack-O-Lantern Tree

Halloween lives on this Christmas!

Halloween Christmas Tree


The Gingerbread Tree

It’s the most delicious tree in town! But be forewarned… there may be nothing left when Christmas rolls around!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree


The Living Tree

This one may require quite a bit of participation from friends and extended relatives! This human tree is sure to be a Christmas sensation.

Singing Christmas Tree


The Egg-cellent Tree!

This tree will be on hand for easy-access eggnog creation.

Egg Christmas Tree


The Disney Tree

No need for presents when you’ve got a stuffed animal tree. Everyone goes home with their favourite cartoon character in hand.

Disney Tree


Macaroon Tree

Macaroon lovers will jump for joy! Not so for gluten-free eaters…

Macaroon Tree


The Upside-Down Tree

It’s a Ripley’s favourite! You can defy gravity this year with a tree that entertains guests and boggles their minds.