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Amazing Art

Take a voyage of discovery through Ripley’s ‘Gallery of the Greats’ where you will find a collection of amazing art made of unusual materials ranging from Michelle Obama made from soda caps, Michael Jackson made of sweets, Kate Middleton made up of lipstick kisses to canvas and even incredible art made from toast!

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Curious Cultures

Robert Ripley was a famous explorer who travelled the globe in search of fascinating curiosities. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London is home to a collection of Ripley’s unbelievable discoveries such as real shrunken heads from the Amazon. Visitors can then wander through the beauty room to learn about how beauty is perceived in different cultures. This gallery contains exhibits ranging from a self-deformed Peruvian skull to the women of the Padaung tribe in Burma who wear 25 brass rings around their neck.

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Remarkable People

Robert Ripley believed differences should be celebrated and among his travels he met with many remarkable people. One of Robert Ripley’s most famous friends was a gentleman called Robert Wadlow who grew to 8ft 11inches making him the tallest man who ever lived! Visitors to the attraction can read all about Robert Wadlow amongst other remarkable people including ‘Lizard man’, who underwent body modification to look like a real lizard!

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Incredible Nature

From pranks of nature to underwater wonders, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London is home to jaw-dropping exhibits that will shock and amaze you. Amongst the many discoveries, you can learn all about a calf born with two heads that were fully functioning, both with different personalities! The attraction is also home to prehistoric shark teeth, an albino alligator, whale harpoon and much more!

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History Re-Discovered

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London is home to an unbelievable collection of exhibits waiting to be discovered. As you wonder through the galleries, prepare to marvel at artefacts including a Christmas card to Prince Charles from Prince Philip, first edition books from Agatha Christie and original illustrations from Peter Pan. Guests can also see The Titanic made from over 147,000 matchsticks, you can even place your hand in water kept at the same temperature as the water that claimed the RMS Titanic on the morning of 16 April 1912 and imagine yourself being immersed in water this icy!

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Weird but Wonderful

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London attraction is home to over 700 weird and wonderful exhibits including from amazing art to remarkable people and exhibits ranging from a junk duck to Henry VIII’s actual shoe. From the incredible to the downright bizarre, there is an exhibit to capture everyone’s imagination!

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